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The Company

Our Company

C.M.A. Sistemi Antincendio s.r.l. with a Sole Shareholder was founded in Breno in 1982 and it quickly developed to the point of providing its customers with a widespread service in the North of Italy.
C.M.A. Sistemi Antincendio a dynamic and consolidated organization which can count on the best professionals in the field, a well distributed commercial network and on expert technicians. C.M.A. Sistemi Antincendio s.r.l. works according to high level quality standards in accordance with either the Italian Law (where applicable) or the European and international laws. C.M.A cooperates with several well-known important international companies. Nowadays C.M.A. Sistemi Antincendio s.r.l. with a Sole Shareholder can meet the specific needs of its clients in a sector which is in constant development without forsaking a high level of performances and products. The company is constantly focused on training its staff in order to ensure a non-stop professional growth and a proper attention to the safety measures which must be applied daily and the quality requirements that must be met daily as well.
Today, we have three branches in  Breno (BS), Genova e Agrate Brianza (MB) and several external correspondents all over Italy.

What We Do

C.M.A. Sistemi Antincendio S.r.l. with a Sole Shareholder works in the fire prevention field starting from the commercialization to the up-keeping of the fire prevention systems to the fire protection systems such as
sprinkler installations, fire detection and extinction using several types of fire extinguishing devices.

The company also deals with organizing all the residential courses for the staff working in the firefighting sector which are held right at their premises.
Several Training courses are held in Genova. In particular, the course on Basic Safety training which is authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport and it is by the way recognized at an
international level.

Mission, vision and values

Our goal is to offer cost-effective solutions in the field of commercialization and up-keeping of all the firefighting tools and all the services related to fire prevention, safety and also in all the maritime courses according to the current international laws providing our clients with a wide range of professional services and products.
C.M.A.’s goal is to become a point of reference for all providing, installing, up-keeping and consultancy activities related to all the fire prevention safety systems and general safety as well.
C.M.A wants also to become a training centre recognized at all levels as a leader company in the North of Italy for both the maritime courses (according to the IMO/STCW laws) and the residential ones (as established by the Law decree 81/08) which can offer its clients high quality professional services and courses.
These are our core values:
High focus on the clients’ needs
A constant focus on increasing the quality of processes, production and products. An efficient communication in order to ensure a mutual understanding in the relationship with both  the internal and the external staff of the company.
The individual competences are highly respected and recognized.
A deep analysis of the clients’ needs in order to set up proper training courses for both the company and the single people.
An innovative approach to the suggested learning methodologies. 

Quality Policy
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Calendario Corsi Marittimi

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Maritime Training

Genoa Training Center, via Ungaretti 14/O nero

tel. 010 665274

Ashore Training

Breno Genoa Training Center, via rag. E. Laini, 20 – 25043

tel. 010 321845

C.M.A. Sistemi Antincendio srl – Formazione ed addestramento professionale Sede legale: via rag. Evangelista Laini, 20 – 25043 Breno (BS).
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