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C.M.A. focuses on the clients needs. It is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and therefore its aim is to maintain a high quality level in all its products and services.
The office situated in Genova  in via Ungaretti 14/O nero,  is a training centre which was authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport to hold training courses for seafarers.
In order to guarantee a top quality level  training, CMA  keeps a specific  management system UNI ISO 29990:2011 certified. This system is called: ’Learning Services related to a non-formal education and training’.  
When we say non-formal we are referring to all the services which are not strictly linked to the education field and therefore one cannot get any certificate with a legal value at the end of the training path. This is one of the most important sectors and a key one in the development of companies and organizations. It involves general training, training for workers, free time activities and human capital development is also included.
The supplementary requisites compared to the UNI EN ISO 9001certification are:  strategy and company management (business plan, financial and risk management). Instead those which have been examined more in depth compared to the 9001 certification are: HR (human resources both for the instructors and the partners) planning and training services, the evaluation of training services (goals included) and the relationship with the stakeholders.

C.M.A.  was granted the SOA certification which is necessary to take part in tender calls and the realization of public works.

Maritime Training

Genoa Training Center, via Ungaretti 14/O nero

tel. 010 665274

Ashore Training

Breno Genoa Training Center, via rag. E. Laini, 20 – 25043

tel. 010 321845

C.M.A. Sistemi Antincendio srl – Formazione ed addestramento professionale Sede legale: via rag. Evangelista Laini, 20 – 25043 Breno (BS).
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