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Maritime Training


C.M.A. has its headquarters in Genova Pra (in the former industrial area San Giorgio) and for the past 30 years has been the Maritime Training Centre for all the courses authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport in accordance with the IMO/STCW laws and it is an important frame of reference for national and international ship owners.  
C.M.A. was granted the first ministerial certificates back in 2004 with its basic training course Basic Safety Training. The company has started a close collaboration with the Italian Marina Militare to set up and issue several training courses. Amongst those training courses we can find the First Techniques to contrast Leaks in a specific simulator for both deck and engineer deck officers of the Marina Mercantile body.  
The C.M.A. training centre in Genova currently offers the following courses:
•    Basic Safety Training refresh-P.S.S.R., Survival and Rescue(P.S.T.), Basic Fire Prevention and Advanced Fire Prevention, Elementary First Aid (E.F.A.);
•    Training and Education of Security Staff - Security Duties, Security Awareness, Company Security Officer (C.S.O.), Ship Security Officer (S.S.O.) and Port Facility Security Officer (P.F.S.O.);
•    Crowd Management and its related refresh for the personnel working on passengers’ ships;   
•    Practical Live Fire drills to train the on board emergency teams
•    Smoke Management courses and handling of flashover situations in a set simulator
•    Damage Control techniques to handle flooding and leaks
•    Training on chute usage through the Marine Evacuation System (M.E.S.) for the evacuation procedures in case of an emergency
•    Practical Training for the maritime staff that works with rescue appliances (M.A.M.S.)
•    Management of the courses on High Voltage Technology for the Maritime Staff both at operational and management level in cooperation with ABB
•    Advanced courses on Maritime instructors training in cooperation with TEC-Bosch Foundation
•    Shipboard Purser, Accounting, Administration Management course
•    Cruise & Entertainment Staff course
•    Planning of specific on demand courses

In order to both guarantee and maintain high quality devices we decided to obtain the UNI ISO 29990 certification for both the planning and the issuing of professional training courses in the maritime field in addition to the  UNI EN ISO 9001 certification and the SOA certificate.

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Maritime Training

Genoa Training Center, via Ungaretti 14/O nero

tel. 010 665274

Ashore Training

Breno Genoa Training Center, via rag. E. Laini, 20 – 25043

tel. 010 321845

C.M.A. Sistemi Antincendio srl – Formazione ed addestramento professionale Sede legale: via rag. Evangelista Laini, 20 – 25043 Breno (BS).
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